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Any walkthrough for whole game available? bought the game but struggling to get a nice ending with Ram :(


I bought this game about 5 hours ago and I'm in love with it, it's really good. But I wish there were more language options, like Portuguese or Spanish. I believe this game would be a hit in the gay community in Latin America.



yall is diego really only a bottom...or does he top too....the sub in me is devastated but i honestly shouldve realized when it was revealed that he finds pleasure in getting pegged. also the jokes in this game is top tier i relate in so many ways especially that one scene where we get to choose if we take our time to bring diego his bag...that hit home LOL. 

Levon, Olli, and Evandro might be my backup plan. Still finishing Diego for the story and messiness though xo.

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Does anyone know if anyone has created Steam artwork for the game? I know it's not a Steam game but I've added it as a non Steam game on my Steam Deck and currently just have grey squares for the game. I had a look on SteamDB and there is nothing there.

Para cuando en español?

I have a small doubt about Evandro's computer and I can't decipher his password even though I know that there are clues ;(


The hint is in the movie he shows the MC. It's one word and based on the title/character of that film. Hope that helps without giving a spoiler!


Well, this is a loooooong game. I've been playing for days and I have only finished 3 routes. And it will take many more days to finish all of it. And there is so much variety, some are suspensful and emotional, others more sexy and sensual, others I personally find infuriating, but point is there is something here for everyone. And every story could have been a standalone game, as apart from long, the writing is also really good.

Hi Kaimaki,

Upon launching the game on Mac. The following error is encountered:

Parsing the script failed.

file "renpy/common/00speechbubble.rpy", line 384: u'areapicker i snot a keyword argument or valid child for the screen statement. 

Can you please fix. 


Thank you for the heads up.
There is a new file uploaded now for Mac, can you try it and let me know if it works?

Thank you, but unfortunately, same error. 

We did a new fix, it should work this time if you try it ;)

errr...that error is gone, but now...

Full traceback:

  File "game/0bobcgallery.rpy", line 292, in script

    init 999 python:

  File "/Volumes/PassportHD/Itch Apps/amap/", line 1138, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,

  File "/Volumes/PassportHD/Itch Apps/amap/", line 1122, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/0bobcgallery.rpy", line 367, in <module>


  File "game/0bobcgallery.rpy", line 337, in bobcgallery_append_manuals

    renpy.error("BOBCGALLERY_MANUAL_CGS image " + itm[1] + " was not a valid image")

  File "/Volumes/PassportHD/Itch Apps/amap/", line 2788, in error


  File "/Volumes/PassportHD/Itch Apps/amap/", line 2765, in _error

    raise Exception(msg)

Exception: BOBCGALLERY_MANUAL_CGS image maxfucksricardofucksmaxpuppy was not a valid image


This game is so fun! I spent over $24 on it long ago and can't get the walkthrough now for some reason. Plus I wonder why 1.1.2 is nearly 60 Mb smaller than 1.1.1, but it seems like the content is the same. Maybe some fancy compression magic! Regardless, thanks for making a fun game!

Thanks for the nice words! :D
I used a more recent version of Renpy to export the 1.1.2 versions, so maybe their compression has gotten better, if you find any issues let me know and I will redo it!

Well i'm glad this game turned out great, I really like the balance, not overly naughty, Funny in alot of ways without being too much. Really enjoyed my first few playthroughs. Def up there with my favorite games of the genre!! p.s.: Levon omg ❤ 

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Glad you liked the game! :D


I’ve just recently discovered COOT and upon completing it I naturally craved for more of the like.

AMAP is an amazing successor, and although I’d loved to see some additions / changes to it (customisable body / facial hair like in COOT, unified style of CGs — some look stunning while others look like a horny schoolboy’s drawings, less forced opinions — like I personally find Stefanos and Evandro ugly af but the game forces me to call / perceive them as hot, if I were the MC I would feel hurt and offended to discover my love interest is in porn industry and loves it but the game forces me to accept it like it is a no biggy etc.), the overall game as it is is a REAL FUN.

Somewhere in the middle of it I felt like I am actually acting in some Türk dizisi or Mexican telenovela which I am a huge fun of and it was amazing. 

Kudos to the devs — please, do more, I and (I am pretty sure) so many other people are ready to pay for some more of this incredible game!!!


Thank you for the lovely words! :)
I could feel the game turning into a telenovela as I was writing it and I just let it happen :P

We are thinking of making having the COOT treatment of editing body hair and facial hair for the characters in our next games but we also think that, for many of the characters, the hair is part of the character somehow. Like, I can't imagine Deniz without body hair and Toxic didn't feel like she'd go for the bearded queen lewks.

P.S Regarding the porn star thing, the game is not forcing you to like it, you have options to voice your disapproval but the love interest for that route is too free-spirited and won't like it ;)


Don't get me wrong - I sincerely and totally love every aspect of your game, your work is a true masterpiece!

I meant the option for bodyhair not on NPCs, they are great as they are; I would love to have some hair on MY character because I feel like according to my tastes he would look way better that way, but I love that little cute guy nonetheless <3

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I've just devoured this game. So nice to have a VN where the changes aren't all-or-nothing but still have an impact, and little decisions can come back to haunt you.

I'm almost done but still have a couple CGs to score, if someone wouldn't mind helping out...

Diego p2 #5

Misc #1

Do you have any other game works?

Or when will a new game be launched?

We plan to work on new games, but they will not be announced until they are close to being ready :)

More save slots would be great—and/or an option to turn on the text in the gallery scenes.

How many save slots are you seeing currently?

well i bought game for 25 but haven't realised that i need to pay 30 for walkthrough. Can you put seperate 5$ walkthrough or how can I get it?

ps: song are amazing. I'd love to download and listen some of games songs too!

Hello, send us an email at to buy the walkthrough, itch wont let me sell it separately from the game if you have already bought the game 😭

I want to download the song that was played on the title screen but idk how 😭😭

You can dowload it for free just like the demos 🤍

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I guess I can see why people keep saying this game brings COOT to mind. It's very similar, but in terms of story, I think AMAP is much better and complex. It's significantly longer too I think. I just finished Evandro's route, but I feel like the other men will have similarly deep, complicated issues. Flawed love interests are quite interesting

Also, I notice you had multiple people working on the CGs since they all have different artstyles. Might be just me nitpicking but it bothers me a bit since one of these artstyles are closer to the characters' in-game sprites while others are not so much. And apparently just getting good ending is not enough to see all the CGs, considering I still have many Evandro CGs missing, and I don't know how to unlock those scenes. Makes a good replay value I guess, but it can be a little confusing

And I notice some of the NPCs have static, neutral expressions, like Dolores. Maria also doesn't have sad or worried expression, so when Evandro forced her hand when Max was arrested, her (sad, defeated) dialogues didn't match with her expression

But I really like this game. It's funny, it's heartwarming, and fun. Sexy, but not too sexy. I'm happy the game doesn't have the characters all perpetually horny, and it's also highly inclusive. Congrats~😁

P.S. Max is barely a twink; I think he's a hunk 🤣


Thank you so much for the nice words! ❤️‍🔥

There were too many CGs to be done so it was inevitable to use different artists, but the new artwork was just in the Stefanos route, the finales and the ballroom event scenes, the rest are all the same artist, his style might have changed in the 4 years the game has been in the making and some CGs were intentionally done in a different style (like the Levon black and white one).

Maria was never meant to have a sad expression, because it didn't feel on brand for Maria. Even when the one scene in the whole game where she's supposed to be sad, my headcanon is that she's good at hiding her true feelings😜

P.S. Let's meet somewhere in the middle and agree that Max is a twunk 🤣

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I guess I could see Maria's hiding her emotions behind all that sass, but I don't know, that jail scene could have been an opportunity to show a side of Maria that she rarely shows, but oh well... And the ballroom duel/Messalina heist is my favorite scene in the game. Too bad the option which results in everyone struts their stuff ends up Toxic losing Messalina... or is there a way to win this way?

Also, Max looks slightly familiar the more I look at him. Is his facial features somewhat based on someone? A figure that probably only gay men would most likely know of?


You can still get Messalina when everyone struts their stuff, you just need to make the right choices, either earlier in the game, or towards the end of the event (there are several ways to make it happen).

Max is not based on anybody's looks specifically, we tried to make him look cute but also kind of an everyman, so I guess he just has one of those faces that could remind you of anyone... 🤗 

Oh one more thing. I wonder if it's possible to get caught by [Redacted] during the heist, but still win the ballroom battle? I guess I just want to experience the best of both worlds. Sorry if the answer to that question would be too spoilery though

Yes, it is possible :)

What languages is this game currently available in?

English 😌


Fantastic game, fun and sexy with a lot of heart in the right places. Love the diversity too - I think this is the first time I've ever seen drag ball culture make an appearance in a gay dating sim.

I feel like I've seen pretty much everything there is to see in the game at this point, but I wanted to ask here about a few CGs I'm missing. The walkthrough doesn't seem to cover them.

- CGs 4 and 7 on the Misc tab

- CG 1 on page 2 of Olli's tab

- the second in the set of CG 4 on Deniz's tab, although this one is probably just a bug/oversight because I've seen other images that would fit that set in-game

Thank you for the nice comment! :)
The walkthrough is only a broad strokes guide on how to get the good endings for each route, so it doesn't cover every single CG, as some of them are not necessarily unlocked on the way to a good ending :P

 CGs 4 and 7 on the Misc tab are from the ballroom event, you just have to pick a different option at the start (on whether you or Toxic will go retrieve Messalina)

CG 1 on page 2 of Olli's tab, to unlock it you have to be on the path of Olli's route and set up Evandro with his childhood love (or be on the way for the Good Evandro ending by the time the prison scene arrives)

The Deniz one is just a torso-only version of the third in the set, not sure why it's not appearing in the gallery because I can see it just fine :/


I loved the game!! Diego stole my heart :'(( 

I get you, Levon did that to me!

Need some help while trying not to spoil, I'm on ollis route and finished it once but how do I get with [redacted] ?

Hi ! Same for me. It only ends in one and the same way... Even following the 'walkthrough' document, I still have the same ending... I don't understand where I'm wrong...

If anyone can help us get the other 'ending' that would be really sweet.

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Y'all got to pick one 🏄🏼 or the other 👨🏼‍🏫 for a conventional good ending, if you pick both 👬🏼 this is the ending you get ☁️👼☁️ (I consider it a "good" ending, but something tells me you don't) ☠️

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Deleted 220 days ago
Deleted 220 days ago

@rimestyle email me at so you wont have to hide spoilers 😇

Do you want to do join the summer bundle, submit your game here


Hello everyone !

I've only done three paths, but I love this game. I've rarely laughed so much and even cried a little. The writing is excellent, the characters are all endearing in their own way, the relationships are coherent, the dialogues are hilarious and I loved the soundtrack.

Congratulations to the whole team, you have a great talent!

Small downside: The sex scenes could have been better drawn and sexier. There are only one or two non-animated images per scene and it lacks 'hugs'.

Happy gaming and joy to you! :)


I can't find standalone theme song on the internet, if it is available anywhere could you provide link to it please? That song is so good.

PS absolutely lovely game. It was so fun. Is there any way to buy walkthrough separately? I didn't include it in the original purchase, but now will have to buy everything again to get it, from the looks of it.

The song is downloadable for free here in the game's 😎

To buy the walkthrough without buying the gane again here, send us a email at

Is the game completed? Im planning on buying it.


It is fully completed 😌

Thank you, gonna buy it as soon as possible ! 😊

I purchased the game twice not realizing I needed to pay $30 for the walkthrough.  Anyway to refund the $25 dollar copy?

I checked but I have no control over refunds, but you can contact and tell them you double-paid and which payment they should cancel specifically.

Or you can just wait a few years and get our possible next game for free 😭


Seeing this game completed after such a long silence was a wonderful surprise. Playing the game itself and experiencing how downright GOOD it is, was an even bigger one. I really can't say enough great things about the story and characters, the plot lines, the art and music- (not the mention the inclusion of ballroom culture!) But my favorite parts for sure were the little lessons on life and love found in between. Playing through was fun, steamy, and very cathartic. I can't recommend this game enough. 

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Also I'm adding to this a few final thoughts: Renata is a gem, the comedy is fantastic. Levon's route is the most emotional I've gotten with any visual novel. Seriously just so well done. I cried.

Thank you so much for your comments, they made my day 😍

Im really glad you enjoyed the game!


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Someone recommended this game on the Discord server, saying that this game is better than Coming Out On Top, so I ought to try and see it. While they're dead wrong, I have to admit that I love this game a lot! I definitely see the charms that makes COOT loveable shine through this game too.

The only thing I have issue with this game is the MC, Max. I mean, sure he's undeniably cute worthy of the title MC, but something feels off. As I played through the game, I finally figure out what is it that is wrong with him. Young Ricardo is hot AF! It's Max's premature beard that I dislike.

I hope this game will have the option of removing body hair/facial hair feature in the future, just like COOT. Or at least have an option to remove Max's scruffy beard. But while I'm not a big fan of body hairs, I can definitely the charms of it on our characters. That's why I don't mind if body hairs option will never be in the game. I just want to see Max's beard gone. 

Regardless, I still love this game, even with my bias of COOT. And if this game is already a lot of fun, I can't wait to see what this creator of this game will do next. 

You really like your twinks hairless, dontcha? 😏

Thank you for the nice words! 😍

So glad it finally released! Finished it twice so far and look forward to doing more! One thing I would love is a way to hide the dialog box completely, let’s just say it covers up some areas in certain moments lol. Other than that everything from the story to the artwork is amazing! 


You can hide it temporarily with the "H" button, like in all Ren'Py games 😉
I guess now you have more reasons to replay these routes 😘

good to know lol

(1 edit) (+2)

First, a great thanks for this amazing game ! I bought it on June 25th, I just finished the game three times, perfect ending with three different guys. I have not played such a good NSFW LGBT game for years. IT. IS. AMAZING ! interesting and care worth guys, intricated plots, surprises everywhere, play on words...

I would like to have the walkthrough also (even if I'll check it after several plays only, of course). I understand that you will ask for 5 USD more by Paypal and that is okay for me (as I paid 25 already for the game).

But for the two last weeks, it has been impossible to send you any mail to your gmail mailbox. The message sent back to me is :
Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's mailbox is undergoing maintenance and can't accept messages now. Please try resending the message later.

Is there anything wrong somewhere ? The maintenance seems to be rather long...  xD

Thank you for this rewarding game !

I really appreciate your encouraging words, every time I get a comment like this it's making my day 🥹

P.S. I had no trouble receiving emails every day at, so I don't know why you're getting that message... Maybe try messaging us at our Twitter,, and we can work it out there...

Thank you for the answer. I don't have a twitter account and I don't want to have one... But your answer gave me another idea : I'll write to your gmail account with another of my mailboxes. I'll make sure you can link things together, anyway : I'll send my initial mail to my other mailbox and then send it to you. It may work... I hope so.


Excellent dating sim - I've played a few so far and this is by far my favourite, filled with compelling stories, great CG, many different routes to pick from and quite a few twists you won't necessarily see coming. Overall, there's plenty to enjoy in this visual novel - I've already played all the routes and the only thing I'm sad about is that the experience's over for me! Will definitely replay it sometime in the future, especially if further content is added somewhere down the line. Thank you and kudos to everyone involved!

Thank YOU for enjoying AMAP!

(1 edit) (+3)

I took a chance on this game because I saw someone say it was better than Coming Out On Top. That was difficult to believe, but I figured even if it came close it would be worth it. Well whoever said it was right! This game is better! 

The writing did such a good job of balancing drama, humor, sexuality, and discussing serious issues. I felt invested in the characters and felt faced was some real dilemmas when it came to decisions. Really great storytelling and writing.

So far I've only done Stefano's path. (What can I say, I'm a sucker for that kind story.) It made me really happy and the ending was just perfect. Stefano's storyline alone was worth the $25, so the fact that I have multiple play-throughs left is really awesome for this price.

Thanks you so much to those who created this game, it's so refreshing to come across great content like this. I'd love more in the future!

Thank you for this lovely comment! 🥰
Let us know what you think of the other routes when you finish them!

Hello I bought the game for $30 and need the walkthrough. I emailed you to send the guide manually. Please check ! love the game so far <3

good thing you wrote this message, I just found your email in the spam folder :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Bravo! Just finished my first few playthroughs along with my best friend and we both agree that this goes above & beyond being a "dating sim" and really is a stellar visual novel. We loved the pacing, story arcs, and humor! (A minor character towards the end got some big laughs from us). You can tell a lot of love was put into every aspect of this game. Congrats to the team and hope you are celebrating! Looking forward to completing all the storylines.

Thank you very much for the lovely words! 😻
I wonder whose route you just finished that had you laughing like this 🧐😁

The Cop!!! She cracks me up every time haha


ooooh, she's in every route, so there's a bit more to see of her :)


This soooo gives coming out on top vibes but even better. The stories are so compelling you did a really amazing job!

Thank you so much! 🥰

The access link for kickstarter still only shows windows and apple available for download, will that be fixed for Android? 

Can you refresh and check again?

All three versions should be available now.

Yes it is there now, thank you! 

If I brought it on windows will i need to re buy it to play on android?

No, when the android version goes up you should automatically have access to it :)


YOOOOOOOOO I am so happy you guys are back. always love this game<3

May I know what is the title of the song u used in the game and if there is a full version of the song cause it's really beautiful

It's "I Wanna Be Your Boy" by LiesIrEalize, it was created for this game, so what you hear in the game is the full version :)

Would you please provide us with a download link for the song, or a youtube link? As short as the song may be, I fell in love with it, and I really wish there was a longer version.
Also, I love the game. I've finished it so many times by now :3
You did a really good job!

I just put up the song as a demo to be downloaded from 🥰🥰🥰

Yay! also, could we talk on discord?
My discord tag is "angelinaivanova"
Please add me!

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