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yknow it’s crazy to think that it’s been over 2 years now I know developing. A game takes time and stuff but I actually enjoyed this game when I first heard about it and played the demo and enjoyed it and even backed the kickstarter for it and have yet to hear anything about this at this point I’m wondering if the devs just gave up on this and said screw it and took the money and just said fuck it it’s unfortunate that something so nice looking and sounded interesting and full of potential ended up getting abandoned in the end maybe one day we’ll hear something maybe not but it’s just a shame this happened hopefully we’ll hear something someday and get an explanation if something happened as well🤦🏾‍♂️ 


All Men are Pigs? More like

All VN KS Devs are Pigs...


So it's been well over a year since the last update and almost nine months since the anticipated release date. I'm guessing you guys just kept everyone's money? I missed the Kickstarter and only just found this project now. I would have backed it (it looks amazing), but it seems you guys haven't fulfilled your obligations. Do you have an update for those who supported you and got burned? This is exactly the behaviour that makes me hesitant to back Kickstarter campaigns.


Its funny..... the title of the game..... the creators "abandoning" the project.... Kinda fits the bill don't you think? Ironic... All Men are Pigs...


I discovered this project on another site, and there was a tag "abandoned" next to the title... I feel bad for people who paid for Kickstarter and have been waiting for it to happen.


I still have hope for this game, which makes me feel like a pig.

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Well...over one year since the last update on anything and nada, extremely disappointed as it looked like a good game. I know life is hard and we all are struggling ......  hope to get my $ back......indeed All MEN ARE PIGS....


so what do we (people who backed you on Kickstarter/Patreon, wherever?) do now that we aren't gonna get the game? I know its silly to quibble over this but I was really looking forward to this game.


never silly if you paid for it


Why do some that are paid don't have the price on their side?

The person will click download, thinking they won't need to spend it, and are surprised and frustrated when I find out they have to pay


What a shame that this game never got to be released. The artwork and story really captured my interest, and it's especially a tease that the Kickstarter campaign actually reached the stretch goal of adding that hot new beefy dude to the game. At the very least, even a brief explanation informing us on the project status would be appreciated, regardless of what happened. All it takes is a simple post in the dev log, which isn't too much to ask for. There are people who may not read the comments here and just blindly donate without realizing that the game has been (or seems to be) abandoned. Who could blame them? It shouldn't have to be up to us to read the comments to find that out; it should be up to the devs to post about it in the dev log. Though, thankfully, I've made it a habit to read the comments when a game seems to be abandoned, just to be sure. Ah, well. It is what it is, I guess. :(


People should report the project on itchio and ask them to add a disclaimer or something so people don't donate for the demo. I believe I reported it months ago but nothing happened.


Actually if you go to their Twitter theyre still making the game


I just did, and it's still the same activity from late last summer. I checked their tweets, replies, and likes, and I don't see anything about the game still being worked on. Unless I'm missing something?

Probably just misread the dates. Saw a post from February 2nd and thought it was from 3 weeks ago.

i think you're right


SO backed this game on kickstarter, said it was going to be released....WHEN can we expect an UPDATE or anything? I really am trying to be patient, otherwise please just issue a refund...and good luck to you guys, going to Dead Dating game.....


Good game from what I've played so far was checking go see if it would be more on the way...Anyways hope the people over this project is safe!!


Well they posted on their social media well after the deadlines they themselves set (ofc nothing about the game) so they are likely safe, they are just ignoring us.

Ok thanks for the feedback Nymrod.


any news?


this is a dead game last update we got on kickstarter was a release for SUMMER of 2021. don't download or support these guys in any way

Deleted 1 year ago

I don't know if it is a dead game/scam...  For one they said the CG scenes were the last thing they had to do... and they didn't want to rush them (also it's only a dev team of two). I mean the real biggest mistake was giving a expected summer release date after saying not certain on when they would release it. And they did show lots of stuff after the Kickstarter finished, so it's not like they didn't work on it, they had quite alot done...  Maybe I'm just too optimistic. Well only time will tell, maybe, or not at all.

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I think the issue here is that they haven't communicated anything, eventhoug they have to because of Kitstarter's rules.


I get that... they haven't been communicating for the past 4 months or so... And there could be many reasons as to why they've gone silent, probably the most obvious reasons are overwhelmed, have nothing new to present, or just simply it was a scam from the get go...


It's actually been over 6 months since they gave any update. We're on month 4 since summer though. 

I agree with you. I don't think this was a scam, like you said they have put in real work that wasn't something they could just pull out of nowhere. Work they did after they got the money, which doesn't make sense since Kickstarter doesn't actually require an end product to be released and won't offer refunds unless the creator does it. Since it's a crowdfunding platform, people don't actually buy a product, rather than fund a project in hopes of getting an end product in return. Most likely, the artist or both of them got burned out, and progress on the remaining CGs came to a standstill.  What's unfortunate is that if my guess is right, they really should've been transparent about their progress. Now they've really burned a lot of bridges, and a lot of their supporters are pissed. 

I'm still holding out hope that we'll get a surprise update with the release date, when the game is 99.99% done. Doubt they will give another update before all the art is done. 

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i agree. might be getting high off copium here, but the assets we've seen so far don't seem to indicate they just stopped development and left. they were definitely still working on this as late as the last update.. it just kinda sucks that we don't know what's been going on since. again, I fully realize that I may be too optimistic, but I'm still pretty convinced we haven't seen the end of this project yet


Can’t believe I keep checking for updates like an idiot… 


So where did all that money from the kickstarter go?? So basically a scam lmao. I'll pass on any project that has any of the people involved here. 


Did they just start ignoring everyone? Like what the heck

What's more suprising is that only a few backers are complaining in the comments on kickstarter. Poor guys literally got robbed 


What more is there to say? The project is dead, we got robbed, end of story.


Hey, I would recommend to check the game called “Dead Dating,” the developer is waaay more serious with frequent updates, and the artwork is pretty hot. It is scheduled for a full release on December 2021


Agreed on this one. I backed it. The updates are transparent and the developer is amazing.

Too bad that we don’t have the contact of the other guy, he was the most vocal on the project… Dimitri I think was his name?

Deleted 1 year ago

horrendous the how they did not continue this. I have been waiting for a long time now, they're completely ignoring the rest of us on Instagram as well.. had this game in high regards, entirely disappointing the how it turned out :/


Almost a month past the last day of summer and still nothing. 

All these comments on here and kickstarter and nothing.

What a horrible way to treat those of us that wished they would succeed.


And the thing is, especially for the artist, this is an actual issue. He used his personal account for this and anyone who wants to hire him for any graphic design work and does the least bit of research will find out he had one project and never delivered it.

If only there was a way to report the project here on, or that supporters start reporting the kickstarter

I'm pretty sure Kickstarter knows by now. But really it's not their issue. The most they can do is blacklist that team from future kickstarters.


I was hoping for at least take the page down, as they’re not doing anything with it


The thing is, the Kickstarter page is not really going to give them anything. It will just show anyone who checks it that it is a project that has not been delivered and has not updated.

Heck THIS page is more problematic since someone might decide to tip for the demo.


had hope for their game , unfortunate way to end.


Chill bro just give them more times I bet the end results is very satisfying


More time to do what?


Do nothing

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It is so hilarious, that at this point people are actively asking and/or discussing about the devs ignoring everyone on their very active twitter (which you can see on their list of the people they follow going up and down constantly) and STILL ignoring everyone. Like, really. They're are not even subtle about it.

I don’t have an Instagram, but you can also find one of the creators here.

Deleted 1 year ago

Can kickstarter be contacted for refunds when the creators are not active? I’m not a supporter (thankfully I didn’t get into this mess), but for the people that supported this with tons of money and still don’t have any answers is not fair. As someone said, this is either very poorly organized or a scam, and hopefully kickstarter can intervene 

No, not really. Kickstarter is clear about that. If the dev wants to maintain any good will they usually do refunds and many devs who realized they had seriously underestimated the projects have done full or partial refunds in the past.

But this doesn't seem to be the issue here; this dev clearly does not want to respond or take any responsibility. Kickstarter could probably black list them from posting any other projects but that's it. And yeah, a few people did buy high tier rewards so that truly sucks for them.

As I said earlier, I'm happy I was a bit wary because the demo was pretty short on actual content and did not back at a higher tier.

I would be very surprised, if this is actually not a elaborate scam, cause I can't even imagine someone fucking themselves over that badly by accident.

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I honestly don't think it's a scam. I mean they didn't raise THAT much on Kickstarter. He probably has lost contact with his artist or the artist simply abandoned the project because they just run out of money (because they planned this very, very poorly) and he prefers to just ignore us than have to actually talk to his backers and come clean.

It's just someone really unprofessional.

And what surprises me is that not many follow up comments has been made on their kickstarter by their backers compared to here, which should be concerned about their money tbh

I assume people on KS have DM'd the devs instead of spamming the forums?


Welp, it's officially the last day of Summer with no update at all on here/Twitter or Kickstarter. 

On Kickstarters accountability page, it says; "...Their fundamental obligation to backers is to finish all the work that was promised, honestly address backers’ concerns, and deliver rewards."

It also says; "If problems come up, creators are expected to post a project update explaining the situation." - to which we haven't received anything. (Yes we got an update 4 months ago in May, but since they said that the game would be released by, essentially today, it is extremely unfair to everyone who backed them to not give them any kind of update at all.)

Regardless of the fact that they have said it would be released this summer, the fact that they have completely ignored everyone for the last nearly 4 months is, in my opinion, really disrespectful towards those who gave their money to help fund this project. I completely get that delays happen, things pop up, people aren't in the best circumstances etc, but at the very least we (as the consumers) deserve to be kept up to date.

What I find particularly frustrating, is that all it would take is to just spend 5-10 minutes to give us a simple update, and i'm sure that most people would be understanding about it (myself included). I really can’t think of why they can’t even do that?

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Yeah if they at least gave an update, even if to say that there was no progress this month because whatever, people would be understanding.

What I've been doing is checking on Kickstarter daily to update my negative review of the project (but I check Kickstarter often because I back other projects, ALL of which delivered despite the pandemic). I hope that by now Kickstarter themselves have contacted them but any other backers feel free to do so as well.

At this point this is either a scam or someone so unprofessional that they cannot even handle their own embarassment to post an update about why they fucked up so royally with basic communication.

Again the Kickstarter expectation for a delayed project per their guidelines is to at least give a monthly update. 

I'm just glad I only backed at a low tier (and I did that because while the demo was good, it also didn't have much content while most erotic VNs will make a point to at least introduce all the routes).

Oh and he was active on Twitter just two days ago.

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I know you guys said there’d only be one more update(the release), but please do a small one just to let people know you’re still working on it! The demo was so promising, and I’m really looking forward to the release!




this sucks because yes, it's been a while since they gave any updates. I was liking the game 🤷🏻‍♂️


Same, the artwork was super unique and I really loved it.. I guess I will have to check other games then :/

same 😅

Any luck finding other hidden gems? 

Gay visual novels are soooo rare it *sucks* lol. 


So now they aren’t active on twitter anymore lol maybe they do see the comments then?

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Dunno what is worse. Them reading the comments and STILL being silent about any updates and the current state of the game after delaying the game 4 times already or them just ghosting this page for 4 months out of nowhere and then return one day and see that the comment section and game reception is pretty much on fire. But hey at least they haven't broken the most recent promised release, if they release the game within the next few hours and this is totally going to happen, right? 

Deleted 1 year ago
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A question, we would all love the answer to.

I guess if someone here does use twitter (I never have tbh) it might be the last place left to ask. Personally I am waiting for September 22nd to ask them on Kickstarter if they plan to issue refunds.


Last update said summer release. We are almost out of summer… 🤷🏼‍♂️

have you guys have tried to contact them through twitter? That’s where I see a bit of activity… not even in their kickstarter page :/


I think I saw them responding to someone on twitter back in July about the project just telling them to wait?

Honestly if they have time to tag every thirst trap and wannabe OF model on a twitter handler they made for THIS project, they obviously have the time to respond. They either don't know what to say or don't want to say anything.

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Well... I was really looking forward to this game, it's so sad that we don't know what will happen with it at this rate.

I'm still hoping they will say something or release the game at some point.

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I think, someone should still try to contact them via Twitter. Cause, if they answer now, nearing the end of their self-imposed release timeframe with something a la "Wait and be patient", it's answer enough.

I would rather have an update every month, saying "we've made little progress" instead of no updates or communication for a longer period of time, making us speculate, if something's wrong or all is fine.

I don't like to act all "pushy", but after all these (justified) delays and promises, I don't want to see them fail at the final stretch due to something like "bad communication".

Honestly I don't really have that much good will left but I still expect the product to be delivered. I simply do not understand why communicating once a month is difficult.

That's totally fair. You backed this game on KS and want to see results of your support. I'm someone who found this later and just waits for the release.

I’m kinda worried about these guys… are they doing okay?

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oh wow now I feel bad for the ones that paid the kickstarter.. I guess they kinda forgot about the game 


y'all don't start pressuring them and being weird lol...just wait.


Eh no updates in three months mate. This was a kickstarted project. The only pressure is for them to actually do regular updates which is what is expected from you on Kickstarter when you delay a project.

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Hii!! I can't wait for the release, I'm really looking foward to play the full game when is ready!! I hope everything is going well! uwu

So they said "summer" release, but have not said anything since. Would be nice to get a more accurate time-frame


It's sad really. My understanding is that the game is essentially done except for parts of the artwork and that the artist cannot really work that effectively because of local conditions (Venezuela I think).

I still have high hopes that the game will be solid and I did back it on KS, but at the end of the day, I don't see myself backing another game by this team in the future. As for communication on one side it's certainly annoying that there isn't much to be said but on the other side what CAN the writer say when they are essentially done and just waiting for the art? If they had taken the better approach of completing individual routes then they could at least push an incomplete game, apologize and patch the others as they became ready but it seems they didn't manage the project with that in mind and what is left is the sex scenes (and the game is pointless without sex scenes). I mean usually visual novels have 2-3 artists instead of one (backgrounds, line art, color) and here we had one.

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We all hope and think (at least I hope so), that the game will be great but the devs kinda backed themselves into a corner with this. 

They released a big update with a promise, said that this game is gonna be a summer release and that the next update is gonna contain the release date, with the confirmation, that the game is almost done. But now, with 3 months of complete radio silence and only 1 month until fall, everyone is confused. I mean, we don't know any specifics of what's actually going on behind the scenes, if it was just an underestimation of how much work was left or that any more problems/obstacles appeared, due to circumstances outside of their control, all speculation, but you know.....It's a bit worrying, that's all.

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Honestly I'd expect someone will report the project on KS sooner or later if there are no updates (especially once we enter September). Then they'll have to say something.

did they forget about the game? Hahaha

Since I found this game months ago, I'm happily awaiting its release since it looks so promising. Are there any more news coming soon about the release etc.? I know, that shouldn't be pushy, since you're at the final stretch and try to perfect everything, but I can't help it and wanted to ask. Keep up this good work!

They are supposed to have one more update to tell us when it releases, which hopefully will be in the summer.

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