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I seriously cannot wait for this game to come out. I already backed it up on Kickstarter and played the demo a "few" times, and now I'm just going to have to somehow survive until it's finished :D. Seriously, grest job!

Dear Touha,

Thank you for the kind wirds!

We will strive to produce a full game that you will love ๐Ÿ˜


Great Game So far only one Point of critique that I have is that Toxic should really be a datable charackter! I had the odd idea though that Stefanos could also be Toxic hence he is a total Drama Queen and his room is Always looked lol.

Our lips are sealed ๐Ÿ˜

Is the full game gonna be free?

No, there will be a 20 or 25 usd price

Oh man, I just start but thanks for the ViewFinder ref <3

Diego is my favorite, but the new version of Olli may be competing for my favorite. Hope the stretch goal is hit.

We hope the same, sis :D
Olli needs to be shared with the world!

Sadly. I Want The Full Version Now :'(

This Is The Best Game!๐Ÿ’ Looking Forward To The Next Update!โค

thank you so much for your kind words!
We hope you'll enjoy the full game when it comes out :D


of all these characters I like Toxic the most, it's sad that I can't even have a little hanky-panky with her )); ... nevermind

Stay tuned for the full game, hunny ;)


I'm in love with Benito, he's so cuuute!!! Will he be a datable guy in the future? It would be amazing

our answer is "maybe" :P


Super game, but ... Graaaaa ... Stefanos makes me goat, impossible to have the good end with him ...


the demo ending only relates to Diego, you will have your chance with Stefanos (and further Diego route) in the full game :)


ok, thx :)

Very fun game! Curious to see where it's going to go and what the other love interests are like. 


Thank you so much!
We are curious to find out which love interest you were actually looking forward to <3

Oh I liked Levon, Ram, and Evandro. Those were the ones that I was really looking forward to, haha! 


i love the comedy as well, it's very difficult to find games with decent humor in it but this one has plenty.

i do hope you enjoy the video if you watch it and have a lovely day


omg thank you so much :D
Your video made us laugh too, so I guess there is a "pay it forward" thing going on :D

I loved it! I laughed so hard so many times - I really can't wait for December!

yaaaas lexstacy! December 2020 is gonna be LIT!

How many datable characters is in the demo

Only Diego and Stefanos are featured in this demo, the rest will be in the full game :)

Just out of curiosity will the game be available to play on Mac as well or is it just going to strictly for pc cuz Iโ€™d totally love to play this game but sadly I donโ€™t have a PC I only have a Mac 

We are working on a Mac build as well :)

Ooo awesome canโ€™t wait till then Iโ€™ll download it as soon as itโ€™s ready Iโ€™m excited I was looking forward to playing the demo  hope you guys get a chance to upload the Mac version soon ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„

just uploaded a mac version, please let us know if it works or not :)

i just downloaded it and tested it and it ran just fine can't wait to give the demo a play!

Did the MC will ever get the oportunity to visit the beach?

The beach is that way *point flexes* 

Couldn't help myself.

I might or might not steal that joke for the full game

Yes, he will. shhhhh :P

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It looks great! Like, Coming out on top, but somehow even more mature. Many gay games are too naive or too much unnecessary drama. This one is naughy and realistic. Will the game lock us up to one guy at some point or will there be any sort of trios? Or maybe love triangles with jealousy?) 

You can bet on the latter.
A trio is also very likely, but i cant say more :P

wow sounds like such an interesting game unfortunately i can't play it since i don't have a PC or an Android but a Mac :(  and I'm sorry if  I can't donate to your Kickstarter :/  but i really do hope that you guys get funded and can even reach some stretch goals good luck to you guys I'm rooting for ya  ^^ 

We are working on a Mac build as well :) Thank you for the nice words!

Ooo awesome canโ€™t wait till then Iโ€™ll download it as soon as itโ€™s ready Iโ€™m excited I was looking forward to playing the demo  hope you guys get a chance to upload the Mac version soon ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„

Love the demo so far. It is a cute vn/dating sim. I like the cheeky humor in it as well.  Reading over the content, I can see how some sentences can be expanded or strengthened for more depth and/or better flow. Since it is for Bara is there a certain time line in which the game must be produced? Are you doing all the written edits yourself? The game has me curious!! :)

I cannot wait for the final product. Good job thus far.

So far the team is 1 person for writing, 1 person for art duties.  We might expand depending on what kind of budget we get.
we're looking to release by the end of 2020 :)

i haven't played this yet but i love how it looks!! can't wait ๐Ÿ’ž

let us know what you think when you play it :D

This game looks amazing but sadly I can't play it, is there anyway to play it if someone has a Mac?

we are also working on a Mc build :)

I hope this gets funded, it's amazing

it looks great ! would you pleeeease make a Mac version ? 


we're working on it :D

Demo is fantastic! Very much looking forward to the full release. When will the kickstarter be running? Right now it says draft.


Kickstarter was just approved and has now launched! :D

I'm Backer 100! I hope this goes well for you guys <3

Congratulations! And thank you for your BJ2019 submission Kaimaki! (I won't mention your discord name in case it's different for a reason ;) )

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Thanks so much! Thanks for having me :D
SoulsoftEA, keeping things professional! <3


I Liked It a Lot 

The Demo Was Really good

Can't Wait To Full Released


Why make me pay for it if your only giving me a Demo???????? O.o

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Boo, take a deep breath.

Now, hit "download now".

Then click "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

Enjoy our free demo. ๐Ÿ˜‹

oof another  great reason why this game is 18+. kids cant even see that its free.


What is this?

I think automatically emails you as a receipt for your donation.

I love this game I donate $2.00 

When fullversion of this game put up to dowload?


thank you for your love!
We are working towards releasing the full game, with at least 6 completely different routes, by December 2020.

This game looks great. The visuals are cool and the writing is funny. I can't wait for the kickstarter to actually launch so I can support this game a little more formally.

I've also gotten the good, normal, and bad endings with Diego. I unfortunately have only received bad endings with Stefanos. Just as a matter of asking, does Stefanos have any non bad ending in the demo or is it a lost hope to try?

Again feels great so far, can't wait for the finished product.


All the endings in the demo are Diego related.
The demo is basically the first 30 minutes or so of the game so it's too early in the Stefanos route to get anything positive done :P

diego mmmmm ;)

Will there be Rated M content?


Yes, there will be lots of M rated scenes to unlock in the full game (and a couple of naughty ones on the demo currently out)

This is my kind of game. Reminds me of Coming out on top or Yearning, two of my favorite visual novels. Good job :) Look forward to the full release.

Thanks for the kind words! Just like YAGS, Coming out on top was the main reason this game is being made.
Keep yourself tuned! :D

Him the download link to the win version doesn't work for me, at least in itch app... Ther's no "WINDOWS" icon along to the file, as if you forgot to tell it was a windows build, will D/L it manually if I can.

Try the below dropbox link instead.

are macbook users able to download the game :') ? 

We're working on a mac version for the demo, we just had to wait for the latest Renpy edition to see how it works with it :)

Theres a mac version now ๐Ÿ˜›

Damnit, I wanna play, but I don't have a PC... Any thoughts on trying to make this a mobile too?

we are waiting for the android version to be approved, should be up in a couple of days :D

I will be waiting!!!

android version is up ;)

question :

The only things you can do right now is see Diego and steffanos on the shower, right?

Yeah ๐Ÿ˜Š